NEW! Infutor has extended our compilation expertise to include a comprehensive file of consumer bankruptcy data. Infutor’s Bankruptcy database is compiled from records obtained daily from federal appellate, district, and bankruptcy courthouses nationwide.

The file is updated weekly with all incoming records cleansed, processed through the most recent NCOA updates, and standardized prior to inclusion in our master bankruptcy database.

Infutor’s file provides the most comprehensive and current information available on personal bankruptcies.

Available Bankruptcy Data Elements

Infutor’s Bankruptcy Database provides additional details and data elements including Filing Date, Chapter 7 or 13, Discharged Date, Dismissed Date, Status, Apt PO Flag, Update Date, and DPV.

Infutor’s Bankruptcy Database is available through:

  • QueryFlex, our proprietary, online count and order system
  • PowerFlex, our automated data appending platform, for flagging bankruptcy records or appending bankruptcy data
  • File installs are available, as well as private label user interface options

Contact us today for more information on our Bankruptcy Database at or (312) 348-7900.