View all enterprise data assets from a single location

Data integration is the ability for a business to look at every data point within their organization, across all systems, technology and platforms to gain a single view of the data. This allows businesses to make critical decisions in real- to near-real-time, based on a consolidated view of all available information.

As terabytes of data continue to accumulate in segregated and disparate applications, it’s becoming more and more important for businesses to be able to see all of their consumers from a single view. Consumers want relevant offers, targeted communication, identity and fraud prevention, and recognition and appreciation from their favorite brands as a key customer.


InRichment 360˚ Data Integration Platform

Through Infutor’s InRichment 360˚ Data Integration Platform, we are able to provide you with a single view of all your consumer information.

Using our referential data repository and specialized matching algorithms, InRichment360˚ performs several processes to apply a Persistent ID to your records. This PID allows us to quickly and accurately identify all individuals within your enterprise databases, linking duplicate individuals through the PID.


Agile Technology Platforms

Our agile data integration technology gives you the option to maintain control over the linked information, or to access it from our real-time and near-real-time platforms through a complete Data-as-a-Service solution.


The Benefits of a Data Integration Solution

Gain insight from siloed data: Consolidate all enterprise data assets to gain a comprehensive view of your business. Leverage Infutor’s extensive management of disparate data to bring together all of your internal and segregated databases, providing you with a single and accurate view of your consumers

Cost savings: Link all data within your enterprise databases at a fraction of the cost it would take to build a custom data warehousing solution

Improve implementation time: Save months of development work and implement your data integration solution months faster than traditional options. Our dedicated technical expertise enables you to meet stringent deadlines and start using all of your data to make actionable business decisions sooner

Optimize data quality processes: By looking at a single consumer view, you are able to more efficiently and cost-effectively update consumer information, ensuring you always have the most current data available


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