Improve Call Center Key Performance Indicators

In order to effectively exceed your key performance indicators, you must constantly find new and advanced ways to improve call handling time, customer satisfaction, wait time and call abandonment. While improving your KPIs, you also need to maintain or reduce cost per contact. KPI measurements win or lose clients, and are critical to your call center’s growth.

With Infutor’s suite of caller identification and verification solutions, you can significantly improve KPIs and decrease operational costs.


Call Center industry solutions include:
TCPA Compliance

Ensure TCPA Compliance by verifying phone type, phone owner, and ported phones to mitigate your risk of costly TCPA violation fines and lawsuits.

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Consumer Verification

Validate inbound caller information as a call is answered by your agent. Route calls to specialized agents or provide customized marketing offers.

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Identity Completion

Verify your caller’s contact information and populate missing or inaccurate name, address, and customer demographic information in real-time.

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Case Study: Improved Conversions through Inbound Call Segmentation
Read more about how a national marketing firm integrates their patented process with Infutor's data and real-time platform to significantly improve call conversions.

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