Enhanced deceased identification

Identifying deceased individuals within your CRM has several critical functions, including prevention of fraud and removal from direct marketing offers. Historically, this data was publicly available for all states, in collaboration with the Social Security Administration and its Social Security Death Index (SSDI) data file.

Recent changes in how the states report their data, however, have limited the amount of information reported, making it much more challenging to identify and match an individual back to your file and accurately flag them as deceased.

Persistent identification of deceased records

Because of recent challenges with publicly-available deceased information, Infutor has developed enhanced processing to maximize the accuracy and coverage of deceased individuals. Data within our Deceased Data is processed and matched back to Infutor’s Consumer Referential Data to identify all known names/aliases and historical addresses of the deceased individual. Processing also includes accurately identifying spouses and parents/children who share the same name. (Only individuals who are over 18 are added to this file.)

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