The industry's elite historical, consumer referential data

Infutor’s Consumer Referential Database consists of key consumer identification attributes, spanning over 30 years of consumer history, with millions of updates each month. Individual records are given a Persistent Identification, eliminating duplicate information as the file continuously updates with new data transactions.

With Referential Data, we are able to match a consumer record to a current or previous address, which allows you to identify duplicate records, or identify individuals via an alias name or former address. Additional attributes include Full Name, Address, Date of Birth, Alias, Gender, and Telephone Number.

CRD contains non-GLB data attributes, widely used for:

  • Enterprise data linking and advanced file deduplication
  • Consumer authentication and verification
  • Fraud prevention
  • Skip tracing applications
  • Data modeling/analytics
  • Database cleansing solutions

Infutor’s Referential Data does not limit the amount of historical data, and adds millions of new transactions monthly. In addition, the non-regulated data is similar to data contained in a credit header file, making it highly accurate.

This one-of-a-kind data asset has enabled large information providers to develop cutting-edge products and services that are currently considered market-leading products.

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