The nation's most comprehensive collection of telephone data

With declining percentages of directory assistance telephone numbers, finding more callable telephone numbers is critical for successful marketing and collections campaigns. Whether you need phone numbers for forward or reverse telephone append, telemarketing, skip tracing, or other applications, Infutor provides access to the industry’s most comprehensive and validated file of telephone numbers including:

  • Public Phones
  • Private Landlines
  • Business Lines
  • Residential Numbers
  • Wireless and Cell Phones
  • VoIP Lines

Infutor’s Telephone Data contains hundreds of millions of unique telephone numbers with associated name, address, and other data attributes. This data includes of telephone numbers that are missing from traditional compiled telephone files.

How does Infutor Compile Our Telephone Numbers?

The public component (directory assistance) of our telephone data consists of numbers compiled from daily directory assistance transactions and the maintenance of the directory assistance master file used for 411 by the phone companies. The public component provides better coverage, recency, and address quality than other white page products.

The private (non-directory assistance) portion of our telephone data consists of telephone records unavailable through directory assistance, from thousands of proprietary sources. Private phone types include wireless, unlisted, unpublished, VoIP and direct dial business extensions.

Strict Validation of our Telephone Numbers

All telephone numbers have been matched to authoritative databases to verify connectivity and phone number ownership prior to their addition to our master data repository. Infutor is the only information provider that verifies each number against authoritative sources to ensure the highest quality data.

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