Infutor is a leading provider of consumer identifying data to be used for direct marketing purposes. Infutor has a database of historical data about individuals that is available to its qualified customers for matching, validation, and verification purposes.

Infutor complies with all applicable federal and state laws related to data privacy. The information we compile and process is permissibly acquired from reliable sources. Infutor continually strives to ensure that our data quality and accuracy meet the highest industry standards.

Infutor does not collect or use personally identifiable information on our web site. There is no facility for visitors to our web site to furnish information. We do not track visitors to our web site, or use cookies or any other technology to track visitors.

Visitors to the Infutor web site are never required to identify themselves or reveal any information about themselves. Our servers do not collect the domain names or e-mail addresses of visitors. This website is not intended for minors and we do not knowingly collect any information about minors.

We may change this privacy policy in the future, but will not change our practices until they have been posted at this website. If changes occur, we will also show the new policy and the date of the revision on this website.

If you have any questions about this policy, please contact