Target the Highest Propensity Auto In-Market Buyers

Today’s auto buying experience is primarily defined by technology. 83% of shoppers research online before they even go to a dealership.* Additionally, auto sales fell 2.1 percent in the first six months of 2017, making it more important than ever to identify and segment high-propensity audiences based on their automotive needs.* 

Auto marketers need to reach consumers who are thinking about or are in market to purchase. They need to reach these valuable prospects immediately and at scale. Leveraging our rich and robust information on auto ownership and ownership history, Infutor identifies prospects with the highest likelihood of purchasing automobiles and auto-related services in the very near future.


 Auto In-Market Models

Improve Your Marketing Strategy by Reaching the Audience Most Likely to Purchase

The In-Market scores are created from a model that leverages current and previous vehicle ownership, rich purchase transaction data and demographics as well as positive and negative purchase behaviors to provide a highly predictive score that indicates the consumer’s likelihood to make a purchase.  

There are 100 deciles or ranks in each InMarket segment, with a score of 100 being most likely to be in the market and 10 being least likely to be in market. The score is determined by a Tier Lift (model rank), the measurement of how well the model works as measured against a random sample.

Increase Conversions Using Relevant, Omnichannel Messaging

Infutor’s Auto In-Market Solutions enable you to deliver highly-relevant, effective omnichannel marketing campaigns by targeting consumers who are most likely to buy right now. Immediately reach these highly motivated consumers through a complete omnichannel approach including programmatic display, email, social media custom audiences and direct mail. This results in reduced marketing waste and increased campaign conversions.

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