Fully automated, on-demand query and batch processing systems

Successful businesses need both flexibility and immediate results. Our self-serve, automated platforms enable you to acquire or match to our elite data set instantly  – whether you want 100 records or 100 million.

Query by geography, demographics, vehicle ownership, or specific data attributes, receiving results in your custom format. Use the batch platform for phone append, Do Not Call flagging, TCPA compliance, skip tracing, reverse append, lead validation, and more.



QueryFlex automated count and order system

QueryFlex, Infutor’s self-serve count and order platform, empowers you with 24/7 access to our data. It allows users to precisely target prospects, using geography, demographics, and more -- always with the choice to de-duplicate. The option to upload suppression files with the click of a button exemplifies the “flex” in QueryFlex.  Constant improvements driven by client input make QueryFlex the most user-friendly platform of its kind.



PowerFlex on-demand batch processing platform

PowerFlex, Infutor’s batch append system, gives you the power to choose every step of the way, from matching logic to output layout. Simply upload a file and move on while PowerFlex does the heavy lifting, notifying you when done.

No need to worry about large files or unsecured delivery platforms: Infutor provides you with a hosted FTP dedicated to sending and receiving your data in a secure environment. PowerFlex removes all obstacles from traditional batch process, including increased speed, agility and security.


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